Republicans continue strong showing in Florida vote-by-mail race over Democrats.

voteIn two days, early voting starts throughout the State of Florida. At that time, we should expect to see the numbers change drastically. But until then, the Republicans continue to have a stronger-than-expected edge over the Democrats when it comes to vote-by-mail ballot submission.

As of this morning, 1.1 million Floridians have voted, resulting in a 8.7% turnout rate in Florida. Of those who requested a ballot by mail, 44.7% have already returned their ballots and have had them counted. Overall, 19.46% of Florida voters have asked for a ballot by mail.

Of the votes that have been counted, 40.02% have been cast by Democrats, while 41.88% have been cast by Republicans. The current swing still favors the Republicans at 4.20%, the largest lead the Republicans have had in the state to date.

As far as county totals, Sarasota and Palm Beach continue to perform well for Democrats, while Hillsborough and Duval counties continue to slide.

Again (as always), it is important to note that voter party registration does not equate to vote choice. Therefore, these numbers should not be a determining factor in how people plan to vote, but only a guide about how the election might go.

Here are the pre-Election Day vote totals as of today.


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