Florida pre-Election Day numbers for 10/21: Republicans continue advantage.


Could Miami-Dade County prove to be what tips the US Senate race to Marco Rubio?

Click here for the newest totals.

With only three days to go until early voting starts in Florida, nearly one million people have already voted in the state. As of this morning, 997,123 voters have cast their ballots, which is a overall turnout rate of 7.83%. So far, Republicans continue to have the advantage.

When breaking down the pre-Election Day totals, Democrats have cast 40.06% of the votes, while Republicans have cast 41.8% of the votes. This results in a 4.09% swing for the Republicans. 

As far as county swings, Sarasota continues to improve for Democrats, with a 15.87% swing to the blue team. In that county, 42.83% of the ballots cast are Democratic, while only 39.28% for the Republicans. In 2012, the vote-by-mail totals for the presidential race was essentially a 50%-50% dead heat. With these numbers, Hillary might have an early advantage. Sumter County also continues to be a stronger-than-expected performer for the Democrats as well.

However, the trends in Duval and Miami-Dade continue to be grim for the Democrats. Duval is the fifth worst performing county for the Democrats. Miami-Dade County is the 12th worst performing county. Additionally, Volusia is starting to solidify itself as a leaning Republican county. Volusia is currently the 10th worst performing county for the Democrats.

Again (as always), it is important to note that voter party registration does not equate to vote choice. Therefore, these numbers should not be a determining factor in how people plan to vote, but only a guide about how the election might go.


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