Democrats in Florida doing well in registration extension,vote by mail results.

pascocountyDemocrats in Florida continue to perform better than the Republicans when it comes to voter registration since the an extension was granted by a federal court. Democrats have at least increased their registration totals by 8,511 voters. The Republicans have increase their numbers by 6,499. NPA and minor party registrants still see the largest increase 9,070. Again, some major counties are missing from these totals, with the counties missing probably increasing the Democratic totals. Here is the daily spreadsheet.

As far as vote by mail, the Republicans still have more ballots cast than Democrats. Today’s vote by mail update can be found here. As with the voter registration numbers, there are quite a few counties that have been excluded, including some large Democratic counties like Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. Therefore, it would probably be safe to say that Democrats have a firm lead when it comes to vote by mail totals.

Looking closer at the county-level results, Democrats have to be optimistic. First, let’s look at the big counties. In Hillsborough, Democrats have consists of 45% of the vote by mail totals, while only consisting of 39.5% of registered voters. The numbers are similar in Pinellas as well, with 36% of voters registered as Democrats, but consist of 42.5% of the vote by mail votes. In Orange County, Democrats are 42.5% of total registered voters, but consist of nearly 51% of the vote by mail totals. Even though the numbers are still not known in the big three counties in south Florida, one should assume that Democrats are performing well in those counties.

What should be more concerning for Republicans is how Democrats are performing in larger traditional Republican counties. In Charlotte, Hernando, and Citrus Counties, Democrats are performing 5% to 7% better in their vote by mail totals compared to their registration numbers.

Still, in some places, Republicans are performing better. In Lee County, Republicans are performing about 6% better than their registration totals. Throughout the panhandle, Republicans are performing at registration levels or higher.

The most interesting county to look at would be Pasco County. So far, 6% of all registered voters in Pasco County have voted. Republicans have a 6.85% voter registration advantage. However, the Republicans only have about .57% vote by mail advantage. Additionally, the voter turnout rate for “NPA/Others” is higher than Republicans. 6.13% of Republicans have turned out in Pasco, with 7.33% of both Democrats and NPA/Others have turned out. Is this a sign that Republicans are less enthusiastic? We shall see.


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