Who is winning the extended voter registration race in Florida?

voteWith Hurricane Matthew leading to the extension of voter registration in Florida, who is actually coming out on top? The answer is simple, the Democrats and independents.

Before we delve into the registration numbers, there are a few counties that have been omitted. Seminole, Escambia, and Lake Counties have been omitted because they have not updated their registration numbers in quite a while, while all other counties do it on a daily basis. Washington, Palm Beach, and Volusia have been omitted because they haven’t updated their daily numbers yet. They will be updated on this post later in the day when they are available. In Miami-Dade County, there was an irregularity which showed Democrats gaining over 7,000, with Republicans losing over 7,000. Therefore, because of this, Miami-Dade has been omitted, and will be reexamined tomorrow. Looking at the counties that have been omitted, it is expected that Democrats would have a slight edge just because of Palm Beach and Miami-Dade.

Since we do not have these counties, let’s look at the rest of Florida. Since yesterday, Democrats have added 4,797 to the voter rolls. Republicans have only added 3,300. Those identifying as a NPA or a minor party have registered 5,343.

There are a few trends that are interesting. First, Orange County and Pinellas County has seen some of the largest increase in voters being added, at around a .2% increase. In both cases, Democrats outnumbered Republicans. Three other counties that have strong Republican ties, Manatee, Sarasota, and Brevard, have had more voters register as Democrats in the past day than Republican. In Hillsborough County and Duval County, Democrats have more than doubled the Republicans registration numbers.

The Democrats have definitely benefited from the last minute registration push. Still, the NPA and minor party numbers are slightly higher. Below is the spreadsheet of the updated numbers:



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